National Government — a tragedy govt.

If you are a layman,you just look around you,what’s happening …You will be astonished to know the way country is being led.The statements of the leaders running the govt.are very irresponsible irrelevant and misguiding.For example the every day rising prices of onion which has gone above the price of Rs. 70- per k.g.the agriculture minister declare that prices will be under control after two weeks.on the other hand inspite of any solution he is giving opportunity to the hoarders to loot the masses for two weeks again as a bonus.See the statements of Rahul Gandhi these days in the election bound states ,The statements are provoking communal harmony in the states,and alleging others for that.There are so many other examples,which put your mind to think that what the mess is going on.For this all, the solution is that every citizen will have to come forward with firm determination to bring a nation level change in the forth coming elections and give a chance to a leader like Modi ji who is at least showing a new picture with a firm resolution to bring the country in its real existence. Thanks to all if view it positively.


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