Indian democracy–downfall in political culture part-2

To know about present downfall in the Indian politics we have to see the past history in brief stepwise. Some of these reasons are responsible to some extent. Just have a look at the past history of India in brief. It was divided into many small parts called provinces,governed by princes or Rajahs.

They exploited the general masses badly to manage the funds for their leisure and enjoyment.Then came the rule of Mu gals. They also exploited the people same way for hundred of years. Then came the British rule. The Britishers exploited the natural resources of this country badly,the general masses were not treated properly. So this way Indian masses wer dominated and exploited generation to generations for many hundred of years. The mind of the people had become habitual of demoralization .


As a result of awakening and struggle to get India free by some patriotic leaders the country got independence on 15 august 1947.To protest against British rule the then leaders had formed a party The Indian National Congress. People of all sects ,religion,cast and creed joined hands under this party to fight against British rule. The name became popular in whole of the country and the struggle succeeded in gaining independence.

The first government was formed under the leadership of pt. Jawahr Lal Nehru of congress party. The congress ruled the Nation with out break till 1976 .In the span of 29 year’s rule the administration under congress party and it’s image fell down badly. They could not give good and fair governance to the people of India as a result many other political parties came into existence .

The voters divided in many factions and as a result govt. changed in 1977. This govt,collapsed in 1980, The congress formed govt. again and for six years the govt Bhartiy Janta Party and then again congress came into power till to day it is running the govt,The Congress party failed completely to give good governance to the people. It’s leaders indulged in corruption and accumulating black money to invest it on elections and keep themselves in power always. Why they want to remain in politics for ever?Because they can get all the benefits preveliges . On the other side the general voters in the country remained under the impression of these leaders who win elections at any cost and remain in power so their influence have a special impact on the common voters who voted in their favour because of this dominating instinct of generational effect which has been given in detail previously. So the short reference given above regarding downfall in Indian politics can be understood .


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