WHY Downfall in quality rule of ruling party in India –an assessment.

India is a big democratic country in the world.In 66 years of it’s Independence, India experienced many changes in its political system. There was a rule of one political party” Indian National Congress” in the country after Independence for at least 55 years.One thing is very important to notice,in these 55 years of rule,the party and the government was under the domination and leadership of only one family called Nehru family.Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru was first prime minister of free India.The hierarchy of  one family rule in Indian National  Congress prevails up till today. In three terms period the Prime ministerial candidate no doubt remains from out side the Nehru Family but the supremacy  in the ruling remains fully in the hands of this family only.The quality of leadership was never the case,it was only impression of dominance of family on the party. It leads to many draw backs for which the country suffers.

==   With in the party no other leader could develop leadership skill to lead the party,therefore it remained in one hand only.The supremacy of one family rule does not even improve efficiency in the skill of  family leadership it goes on with the impression of dominance not merits.

==Due to inefficient leadership this party could not give good and fair governance to the people of this country.They had no broad vision to prove their efficiency,but still they got chances to repeat or form the govt.many times.It was all due to the generational ruling/ dominance impact upon the mind of uneducated masses all over the country.

==Due to repeated chances to govern the country the power remained in their hands for long period these leaders became habitual of remaining in power and its glamor, that’s why they wanted to keep them in power for ever.Because of this all they indulged in corrupt practices,managing huge some of money to win elections again and again.

==Instead of planning better ways to give good governance the party invented tactics to capture the voters on the bases of Cast-ism,Religion minority vote bank regional based etc.which divided the society in many parts.

==This way the credibility of the country decreases badly.threats coming from the neighbor countries.Inside the country also law less- ness, corruption every where price rise without control and life of general masses becoming difficult.

=Therefore,we assume that rule of one party,under one family dominance for a long time created monopolistic trend which is not fair and suitable for the democracy.Under the democratic pattern,there should be an environment of competition amongst the political parties which could not be raised under the present conditions of India due to;—-Many religion,many casts,lack of education,lake of competition in political parties,multi regional parties.

No doubt there are so many other reasons as well but the above mentioned are in brief study of today.


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