After the results of 16th Lok Sabha polls a new era begins.The picture of 16th Lok Sabha appears very bright with its main hero Narendra Modi as a captain and his team with full majority of B.J.P Members of parliament. After a very long time this party got full majority to form the govt. and having a good support of its allies with sufficient numbers was a good sign to establish a stable government under perfect democratic pattern.

For the last fifteen years of period the governments were formed with the help of ten to twenty political parties support and this happened to be an uncomfortable alliance.The supporting allies all the time pressurized the govt. to support their party’s interests which were not in the national interests. This way the performance of those govts. could not fulfill the requirements of a good govt. National interest suffered, there was a nonstop price rise, no ban on corruption and unemployment, law and order situations worsened, national security was at the mercy of god only and there was no control of the government on its ministers as a result the people of this country were suffering by the bad governance at large and they had no option to improve this all.

Now the present government is formed by one party and it has to face no pressure of any kind but we cannot say that this government is at liberty to enjoy only. No not at all. The pressure of people of India is much more on it. This government has to perform better.The voters of this country has shown confidence in this party. Besides internal and external security the attempt may be done to stabilize the price rise, stop corruption at all level, open new doors for employment, to check the inflation, to develop the industries prospectus, to create a friendly environment between the government and general masses. This lost faith has to be revived and only then this B.J.P led govt. can be repeated again, the image of this country can be restored. People of this nation have full faith in the governance of the new Prime Minister Narender Modi and believe that the country will develop to become a great democracy in the world.

This way the Indian Democracy will survive with the rise of two or three party system and the local regional political parties will be abolished by the public opinion at large, because of many regional political parties, the votes are divided in many parts and it becomes difficult to gain majority for any one party.The people of this country have experienced the outcome of this division in votes as a result the unstable governments and in efficient governance which no one will like again.