Image result for Narendra ModiDuring June 27-2014 I wrote on the subject cited above that the Indian democracy has a new way now towards a new mode,it was a prediction only to see the changes which appeared after the general elections in India.One party BJP got full majority and the new govt.had started working well,though the work was tough to take the country on a high road map because of the miss governess of previous ruling government.

By completing one year of ruling by BJP. the other party leaders have started asking them so many questions and declaring it a failure govt.whereas they themselves were responsible for this all.But Prime minister Narendra Modi was busy in making good relations with the all leaders of the world.He was trying to check the prices, create peace in and out side the country,to boost courage of INDIAN ARMY and scientists working for space,creating new schemes to all sections of the society.
Narendra Modi  tried his best to make good relations with Pakistan the neighbor country, but due to their bad will politics the relations could not took the best shape inspire it militants activities rose to high peaks and it has become difficult to tolerate any more.After militants attacked the Army headquarters at Pathankot and Uri in Jammu and Kashmir it has crossed all the limits, there was no other way left,PM Narendra Modi talked to all political party leaders and Army chiefs, made a plan. Indian Army made a Surgical Strike on Pakistani Militants area, seven posts in POK were destroyed  completely in their own land.It was a great shock to the militants and Pakistan Government.

Before this a great diplomatic achievement was achieved, it was failure of SAARC SUMMIT at Pakistan. India refused to take part in this summit and besides it four other countries also refused to take part in it and ultimately the Summit stands cancelled which was a great blow to Pakistan, this way India got successful in taking Pakistan to a corner of the world no country supported ,This was a great achievement of Narendra Modi .On the other hand we can say that this all went first time in the history and the credit goes to the Indian Voters who supported one party with a dynamic leader Narendra Modi.So what ever the achievements took place in these two years of BJP. RULE the Indian Democracy is heading towards a mew mode.In the coming time I am sure a lot of new things will take place and dignity of this nation will go up in the sky soon.

With the far sighted strong diplomatic policy of PM. Narendra Modi, Pakistan is now kept aloof from the international community and this country is more or less recognized as the terrorists supporting country,which is dangerous to all world, if had  this designation been provided to Pakistan earlier India may not have lost so many lives by the terrorist activities and the useless terror impression must have been receded quite earlier.But it required a great will,determination and firm decision at the head post of the country which was lacking in previous head of state but  PM.Modi adopted and act practically at the right time.This takes image of the country to its high rank and file,  it was recognized by the whole world in a positive way to maintain peace in the continent.and Modi  gained a high leadership status at the International level which will be good to this nation in future also.



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