Election for Punjab and Uttarpradesh.

Image result for political leaders in punjab parkash singh badal

Punjab is now heading towards Elections very soon and the Election Commission might be preparing for this process at its own level the dates are yet to be decided.This time the Government is headed by Akali dal and BJP. alliance, and pre poll surveys has started its predictions in the media these days.

Now the time has come again to assess the good and bad governance of the present government in Punjab, people are being asked by the media persons about the performance of the present government.no doubt ,voters of Punjab will give their decision at the time of casting their  votes but the media has its own role in the democracy.

One important thing again come in my mind at such time, that is the formation of ruling government,whether it was formed by one political party ? or a collision party government? In the above case we know that in Punjab it was a collision govt, of two parties.Now we shall see the outcome of its performance after the results of the polls in the state.There are so many factors which are responsible for the good and bad governance but more or less one thing is quite obvious in this situation, that is the major role of that political party of the alliance which is having the larger numbers.It has always the dominating role upon the other partner party .That means if the main party does not work with the other co partner with proper understandings all the time.It will some where go wrong and this will bring the examples of bad governance and this type of decisions will bring bad results in the coming elections and for that both the alliance partners will be kept responsible in the eyes of general masses,this situation is seen  many times in the collision  governments.

At this point, we observe that at the national level,BJP is ruling well and it may have  given its full support to the Akali dal alliance partner,if Akali dal had not taken BJP in confidence and made decisions at its own forcibly then no doubt the results in the coming elections may go adverse.


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