Image result for Narendra ModiDuring June 27-2014 I wrote on the subject cited above that the Indian democracy has a new way now towards a new mode,it was a prediction only to see the changes which appeared after the general elections in India.One party BJP got full majority and the new govt.had started working well,though the work was tough to take the country on a high road map because of the miss governess of previous ruling government.

By completing one year of ruling by BJP. the other party leaders have started asking them so many questions and declaring it a failure govt.whereas they themselves were responsible for this all.But Prime minister Narendra Modi was busy in making good relations with the all leaders of the world.He was trying to check the prices, create peace in and out side the country,to boost courage of INDIAN ARMY and scientists working for space,creating new schemes to all sections of the society.
Narendra Modi  tried his best to make good relations with Pakistan the neighbor country, but due to their bad will politics the relations could not took the best shape inspire it militants activities rose to high peaks and it has become difficult to tolerate any more.After militants attacked the Army headquarters at Pathankot and Uri in Jammu and Kashmir it has crossed all the limits, there was no other way left,PM Narendra Modi talked to all political party leaders and Army chiefs, made a plan. Indian Army made a Surgical Strike on Pakistani Militants area, seven posts in POK were destroyed  completely in their own land.It was a great shock to the militants and Pakistan Government.

Before this a great diplomatic achievement was achieved, it was failure of SAARC SUMMIT at Pakistan. India refused to take part in this summit and besides it four other countries also refused to take part in it and ultimately the Summit stands cancelled which was a great blow to Pakistan, this way India got successful in taking Pakistan to a corner of the world no country supported ,This was a great achievement of Narendra Modi .On the other hand we can say that this all went first time in the history and the credit goes to the Indian Voters who supported one party with a dynamic leader Narendra Modi.So what ever the achievements took place in these two years of BJP. RULE the Indian Democracy is heading towards a mew mode.In the coming time I am sure a lot of new things will take place and dignity of this nation will go up in the sky soon.

With the far sighted strong diplomatic policy of PM. Narendra Modi, Pakistan is now kept aloof from the international community and this country is more or less recognized as the terrorists supporting country,which is dangerous to all world, if had  this designation been provided to Pakistan earlier India may not have lost so many lives by the terrorist activities and the useless terror impression must have been receded quite earlier.But it required a great will,determination and firm decision at the head post of the country which was lacking in previous head of state but  PM.Modi adopted and act practically at the right time.This takes image of the country to its high rank and file,  it was recognized by the whole world in a positive way to maintain peace in the continent.and Modi  gained a high leadership status at the International level which will be good to this nation in future also.




The results of Vidhan Sabha election of Maharashtra and Haryana have proved Magic of Modi and BJP, proving fruitful to stablize the Indian Democracy. P.M Narendera Modi has very successfully achieved the goal to guide the general masses to vote in favour of one party so it may be easy to form the government with no pressure of other small parties and the government can be successful to give good governance to the people.

We have seen till to day that the governments formed with the alliance of more than two or more political parties do not bring good results. The regional parties have their own interests to fulfill first and the national interest suffers. Good governance by a good government is possible only if its stable and formed by only one political party at the state or national level.

The mushrooming up of numerous political parties at the State level and National level occurred due to the Constitutional adoption of multiparty system. If the provision of two or three party system had been laid in the Indian Constitution like in U.K and United States,
this problem would never have occurred in our country and the Indian democratic system could have been more efficient.

Now let us see, the efforts of Narendra Modi are proving fruitful to establish strong democratic governments at the center as well as the state level. The regional, local smaller political parties are by and large getting abolished from the political scene. The National leadership shall be established and the government may dedicate its efforts to demonstrate a good and effective governance to the Nation.

In my opinion considering the present evolutionary scenario, in the future all the vigilant voters will take care to vote for a strong and stable government with the perception of full majority and sustainability.

INDIAN DEMOCRACY -Reason for downfall in political culture and moral values!

Monopoly of Elected Leaders

Indian political system is based on democratic pattern,it means government of the people by the people and for the people. By the general elections people elect their representatives to the various levels such as Lok Sabha, Vidhansabhas, Panchayti-raj etc. Political parties have been recognized by the Election Commission. They place their candidates for various seats in different elections. After the elections, the majority of candidates of any political party form the government.

Candidates who fight the elections and win, become part and parcel of the government. They enjoy various posts of benefit and power, with the impression of these powers and status they are considered different from the general masses. The period they enjoy in ruling time is very prestigious for them and full of high status. They can utilize the government funds at their own preferences which improves their status more amongst general masses.They are given warm welcome at all the public meetings and everywhere, therefore these leaders have the impression that they are above the public. They make the laws and implement them ,no other person who may be wiser than that of him/leader may not be cared of their advice at all. That’s why they are above all. So wee see that while getting habitual to living in the high status in govt. fold that person/leader wants to enjoy his life the same way for ever. For that he requires a lot of money and other resources to fight the elections and to win again and again, which can not be gained easily, so he takes help of some unlawful methods.

These methods lead to corruption. The money obtained through malpractices will lead to downfall in the character of that particular leader or person. This way the political culture of Indian democracy becomes malafide and the definition of a leader is ruined, the majority of leaders of this category ruined the real sense of democracy. People or general masses are betrayed with the sense of democracy they are living and are exploited in many ways. We have come across so many cases of many leaders who are involved in scandals of million of rupees, but they are seen above the law.It is not easy to prove their fault legally or promptly.That’s why this process of corruption involves many others as well.

So people of the country have to face price rise lawlessness and many other discrepancies in their lives.The real sense of democracy is failed, the faith of people in the govt. and institutions goes down. This is the first reason for downfall in political culture and moral values. Today we see it in our country the problem of corruption has reached the level where it has become difficult to bring it to the normal level.The only solution is, there should be a complete change in the government.”New and loyal people with fair image should be elected to form the govt”, and existence of the real democracy be revived. Only voters could do this in the coming general elections. I wish the things could be brought to the normal values and status, our country may gain its previous level of a successful democracy.